Direct Sales Marketing is Dominated By Women

Direct sales marketing is dominated by women.

It is not surprising that direct sales marketing is dominated by women, the majority of whom are mothers trying to work from home and care for their families.

With direct sales, the convenience and potential for developing a substantial income sparks the entrepreneurial spirit and the wide range of products available  meets the ever changing needs of the consumers and the women who sell to them. Joy Hampton wrote this informative article appearing on The Norman Transcript and I thought many of you would find it helpful.

Direct Sales Marketing Is Dominated by Women

“Direct sales and home-based businesses are particularly appealing to mothers with young children. College students use direct sales as extra income, and some full-time employees start a home-based company on the side to supplement income, only to find it growing into a full-time occupation later.  Direct sales continue to be dominated by female sellers. According to the Direct Selling Association 81.8 percent of direct sellers were female, compared to 18.2 percent male sellers in 2010. The Norman Chapter of American Business Women’s Association meeting recently hosted vendors who are women in business — direct sales and home-based business.”

Direct sales is a flexible way to make money but choosing the right product for your personality can make or break your business. You should try to find a product line that interests you, something you will feel passionate about selling. It may be tempting to take on the biggest sellers or some product a friend has been involved with but really take the time to think it through.

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