Optimizing Social NetWorking For Work at Home Moms

Social networking is a wonderful tool for work at home moms. Marketing a talent or business can start as simply as a few pictures of a craft or cooking project posted on a Facebook. Of course it takes a little more effort to really optimize Facebook advertising but in the article below Porchea Wesley’s successful clothing/accessory business has reported a lot of growth from her own social networking efforts.

Are you using social networking to get more customers? Photo credit: wcizmowski from morguefile.com

Optimizing Social Networking…

“I wanted something new and unique, but I didn’t have the money to buy any Manolo (Blahnik) or Christian Louboutin shoes,” she said. “I decided I would make some shoes inspired by a pair of (Christian Louboutins) I saw on the Internet,” she said. “But I didn’t have the money.”

Christian Louboutins are known for their signature red-lacquered soles and prices that easily top $1,000 a pair.

A few days later, after she posted photos of the three items, people started asking her to make similar items for them.

The requests came as a surprise, and an opportunity.”

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For Work At Home Moms

Most young mothers are already using social networking on a regular basis. If you have a skill or a product that you believe others will want to like and share, all it takes is some facebook research to begin optimizing social networking to build up your sales.

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