Stay at Home Mom Creates Cool, Surf Inspired Jewelry

Some of Meghan’s beautiful jewelry can be seen on

Down South in a sleepy surf town in the Northwest “panhandle” of Florida lives a very creative woman by the name of Meghan Hufty. Meghan is a stay at home mom who creates cool, surf inspired jewelry. She started a hand made jewelry line for a growing paddleboard company called YOLO. She now designs for all the big name surf companies. Her ambition came from wanting to spend more time with her family and needing to make an income.

Stay at Home Mom Creates Cool, Surf Inspired Jewelry

Hufty, a mother of two, was first moved to create her line of jewelry, Madderon Lane, after her son was born. Wanting to spend more time with her young family, Hufty resigned from an executive assistant position, but was left wondering how to balance motherhood and financial responsibilities. So she turned to her crafty side and started Madderon Lane, named for her two children, Cameron, 7, and Maddox, 3.”

These leather, pearl and stainless steel bracelets were just right for branding popular stand-up paddle board brand YOLO, according to Hufty. “They didn’t have any jewelry,” she said, and so she set about creating it. She went to the owners of YOLO with her prototype bracelets and necklaces, and the jewelry was well-received.

“(Owners) Jeff and Mitzi (Archer) loved everything. They bought it all on the spot,” said Hufty. Since, the jewelry has caught the eye of other stand-up paddle companies, such as BOGA Paddle Boards and Paddler Designs in California, and Northern Stand Up Paddle in Barrie, Ontario. For each company, Hufty creates a unique design with the brand’s logo and name. All pieces are made to be worn in the water.

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I am always amazed and inspired when I read these success stories of ordinary work at home moms who take a simple creative idea and bring it to life. We can all learn from this stay at home mom who creates cool jewelry and other hand made items. I certainly admire such hard work and dedication.

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