Stay at Home Moms Create A Thriving Business

Stay at home moms create a thriving business together.

Everyone loves a success story, especially if they can imagine themselves being the lead in that story. Are you thinking about starting a home business, but can’t decide what your niche should be? These two stay at home moms have created a thriving business┬áthat started with a simple craft project. By maintaining a delicate balance between caring for the kids, family and growing the business they have stumbled on the recipe for success.

Stay at Home Moms Create A Thriving Business

“Their first few orders came from family and friends in the Edwardsville area, then spread by word of mouth. As they looked to grow their business, they started a website, featuring pictures of the products. A friend suggested they try out Etsy, an online-based store for people to sell items they create. They were a little hesitant at first to try Etsy, but when the Halloween tags they posted sold within the first 15 minutes, they were sold.”It’s great because we don’t have to do the marketing or any advertising,” Allison said.

“People just sort of found us,” Powell added. “We started getting so many more orders than from our own website.”And the business continued to grow. Allison Powell Designs now creates everything from birth announcements, birthday invitations, graduation announcements, bridal and baby shower invitations, Christmas cards and much more. “We can basically do anything,” Powell said. “If you can print it on paper, we can make it.” Read the full article here…

I am always amazed by the ingenuity and creativity that drives entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Sewing, printing, writing, cooking, crafting and organizing are natural extensions of what many women are already doing in their lives, why not take it to the next level and turn a hobby into a business?

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