Successful Women Entrepreneurs

There are more and more successful women entrepreneurs starting businesses from home. Photo credit: kevinrosseel

The number of successful women entrepreneurs that are starting businesses from home has increased over the past 10 years. I think the sluggish economy has created the environment for the rise of successful women entrepreneurs who have, out of necessity taken their raw talents and education and created thriving businesses.

This article by Janna Farley for the Argus Leader highlights a few very special women who have worked hard for what they have. 

Successful Women Entreprenuers

“A 2007 Pew Research Center survey found that 48 percent of moms consider being home full time the ideal situation. Inversely, only 21 percent of working moms say working full time is ideal, down from 32 percent in 1997.

“Over 90 percent of the moms we’ve interviewed said the desire for family flexibility is the No. 1 reason they work from home,” said Ellen Parlapiano, co-founder of “The idea of being able to call your own shots, be your own boss and do what you need to do, like run to the preschool parade in the middle of the day, is incredibly appealing.”

That flexibility was important for Schumacher, who started her business five years ago after her daughter Lydia was born. She didn’t want to miss a single moment or milestone in her child’s life.”

A New Skill…

Working from home doesn’t have to be a detour on a woman’s career path, either, if later she decides to return to the traditional workforce, Parlapiano said.

“That’s the wonderful thing about it,” she said. “You’re not opting out. You’re running your own business, staying fresh, staying in the field. It really gives you another skill to put on your résumé.”

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I’m so impressed whenever I read about these successful women entrepreneurs, because I know how tough it is to manage a business and a growing family. I understand that some days seem to begin and end with struggles and problems but the big picture is more important. Realize that you can deal with what ever happens and to be proud of what you are creating.

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