The New Breed of Stay at Home Moms

Are the entrepreneurial mothers who are running small home businesses a new breed of stay at home moms?

It’s time to pay a little more respect to the new breed of stay at home moms. These ladies are the ones who take care of their families and run a small business from home. Small home businesses can provide flexibility for home life and a chance to replace or even exceed previous income levels.

Robyn writing for is an entrepreneurial mom who is running a small business while taking care of home and family. She feels and I agree, that  more support is needed for this new breed of stay at home moms who in many cases are carrying a huge financial burden.

New Breed Of Stay at Home Moms

“Over the past decade folks have started  to recognize that stay-at-home mom’s are workers too! Once the glue of the family was deemed as jobless and lazy, but that is a thing of the past. Today’s stay-at-home mom is empowered and is credited as nurturing the world’s  future generations.
However, a new type of stay-at-home mom is emerging. The stay-at-home mom that not only takes care of the kids and household duties, but also runs a business from home.  I fall into that category and I feel like there is not enough information and support for these type of moms.”

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new breed of stay at home moms is emerging, who need or want to stay at home and care for their children yet they also have to find a way to make money. A small home business can really be a life saver for them when other opportunities fail to provide enough income. For working parents who may have been laid off or let go during the crazy economy of the last four years, there may not be any other viable financial options other than to start a small business from home. I think there is a need for more information and resources for small home business owners and women in particular who struggle with all the challenges a new business presents.

Does starting a home business appeal to you? Why?

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