Work At Home Mom Producing Parenting Videos

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Work at home mom finds success producing parenting videos

We found a work at home mom producing parenting videos to help alleviate loneliness, connect with other moms and share her helpful parenting advice.

Sandy Abrams in the Huff Post Small Business section, tells us how Kimberly Clayton Blaine went from working in an office, to being a stay at home mom, to being a successful ‘mompreneur.’ Hopefully this will provide some inspiration along with the helpful tips that are presented below for all of us work at home moms out there.

Work At Home Mom Produces Parenting Videos

In addition to working her private practice, she was director of education of child abuse for a non profit.  Years later in 2002, she became a mom. Having seen firsthand how important it is to raise kids in a healthy environment, Kimberley left work to be a full time mom, so she thought!

Then she encountered a very common problem facing new moms with their first newborn: loneliness.

So, the entrepreneur in her had an Aha Moment and she took action to solve her problem. She covered her neighborhood with fliers announcing that she was hosting a “neighborhood play group” in the park. It turns out that she had struck a chord in the neighborhood and before long, there were over 100 children involved in the weekly neighborhood play group.

This group became Kimberley’s support system and the women formed close friendships.  She was also able to contribute not only friendship but valuable advice to these other moms. This is where Kimberley earned her title as “The Go To Mom.” We all wish we had a family therapist as part of our playgroup!

So, she filmed some very “homemade” videos interacting with her baby and narrated them, offering viewers two minute segments filled with simple but credible parenting tips.

People responded to the videos so she started selling them to parenting websites. She figured out her cost/time and told them her fee for production and to her surprise, they said yes!

Kimberley’s Advice for Moms Who Want to Start A Business: 

1. Its okay to ask for help, you can’t get it all done without help, whether it’s family or hired help. Our children bring us creativity but to be fruitful and scale a business, we have to carve out time where we can work during the day. The most creative entrepreneur is the mother.

2.  Whatever your idea is…you don’t always need biz plan. Look at the people you admire and also know your competitors. Be fearless. Connect with people, even those you consider competitive.

3. Read trades. Digital video education and entertainment is a fast paced business and I reserve the right to change my biz model every 4 mos.  Keeping on trend with trade papers encourages me to take a different route if necessary.

I admire the courage and ingenuity that it took Kimberly to begin a successful parenting video business. She does what she loves which is her version of success as she says. I am a work at home mom and I love what I do so I couldn’t agree with her more! I hope you are inspired by this work at home mom producing parenting videos. Do you have some ideas for being a successful ‘mompreneur’ of your own?

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