Studies Show Benefits For Working Mothers

Studies show there are financial, emotional and physical benefits for working mothers.                         Photo credit: MindExpansi0n from

Recent studies show benefits for working mothers may include financial, emotional and physical advantages over non-working moms. Most of us assume that stay at home moms are less stressed because they do not have to deal with commuting or the stress of working out side the home. The results of this study show just the opposite. This article appearing   in Florida Today’s health section reports on several other benefits for working moms.

Studies Show Benefits for Working Mothers

“Mothers who work full time report better mental and physical health than stay-at-home moms or women who work part time, according to a new study.  Researchers from University of Akron and Penn State University found that women who go back to work soon after having children have more energy and mobility, and less depression at age 40.”

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In spite of the research, I still believe that women who make the decision to stay home with their children can have the same happy, healthy life as one who decides to work.

I do agree that financially there are risks a woman takes. Because she is more dependent on her husband or partner to provide for her and the family during those years, and her ability to build up savings for her own retirement years is severely compromised she may find herself struggling to cover expenses.

Yes there are some studies that show there are benefits for working mothers,  however my concern is that women will hear this and decide to pass up opportunities to stay home with their children. It is such an individual decision and mothers need positive support no matter what that decision is.

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Stay at Home Mom Creates Cool, Surf Inspired Jewelry

Some of Meghan’s beautiful jewelry can be seen on

Down South in a sleepy surf town in the Northwest “panhandle” of Florida lives a very creative woman by the name of Meghan Hufty. Meghan is a stay at home mom who creates cool, surf inspired jewelry. She started a hand made jewelry line for a growing paddleboard company called YOLO. She now designs for all the big name surf companies. Her ambition came from wanting to spend more time with her family and needing to make an income.

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Who Cares What You Wear When You’re a Stay at Home Mom?

Who cares what you wear when you’re a stay at home mom? You should care! That’s all that counts in my book. Fashion for the stay at home mom is a challenge for a lot of reasons and today I’m going to give you some tools to meet that challenge head on, but first watch this video to see what these three women had to say about the way stay at home moms usually dress.

Who Cares What You Wear When You’re a Stay at Home Mom?

It’s a real challenge to find clothes in your closet that not only fit you but work for your new mommy duties after you have a baby.
Often, when you decide to be a stay at home mother, money becomes a bit tight and a new wardrobe isn’t in your foreseeable future so, what’s a mujer to do?
There are some key ways to work with what you have and add the pieces you need to create a sense of fashion for the stay at home mom.

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Sometimes it is very tough to find the time and make the effort to look your best when you aren’t really thinking about yourself at all. That is why we see the ripped up sweat pants and stained bath robes. It’s not that you don’t want to look good it’s that you have put yourself on the bottom of your to-do list. So if that sounds like you then you have nothing to lose by stepping up your fashion game a little bit. The girl in the video whose comment was “when you look good, you feel good was absolutely right!

Watch the free video by Dr. Robert Anthony on how to build more confidence!!

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How to Secure Customer Information From Work at Home Computer

I doubt if your cat will be hacking into your computer to steal valuable customer information but make sure you have enough security anyway.

I strongly suggest that work at home employees have upgraded security on their home computer to protect the confidential information of their customers. Imagine being the one responsible for such data and having the information easily stolen by hackers?

Media Post published this article by Marc Robinson which has some great advice on what kind of security you should have if you are a work at home agent for a larger company or if you take personal financial information like credit cards.

How to Secure Customer Information From a Work at Home Computer

The main concern with agents working from home is security of the customer’s information. In a time when data breaches occur almost every week, customers are often uncomfortable giving out their personal information to an unknown voice on the phone.

Here are seven strategies to use to protect customer identities and confidential information when agents work from home:

1. Leverage managed, thin client devices for the Work-at-Home agents. First, ensure that agents do not use their home computers without additional software to protect data. Second, keep confidential customer information secure with a company-provided thin client device. These devices include technology and software already in place to keep the computer at the server-level.  Third, with no further output options (printers, external storage, etc.), customer data cannot be extracted.

2. Deploy end-point encapsulation on the thin client device with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  Provide a completely secured environment through both hardware and software. The cloud-based VDI lockdown will prevent access to the Internet or private documents and will only allow the agent access to client-approved areas.

3. Only allow the device to unlock after two-factor authentication. Implement a token generator and a user profile for access rights. Access to the network and support tools are only available when the agent enters the correct username and password and token.

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I am not this computer savvy and I am guessing many of you are not either. All of this sounded a bit foreign to me so what I did was talked to one of my very helpful friends who is also a computer wizard. If you work from home and take any kind of personal customer information this is a very important issue so go to your local computer help center or a good friend and find out more about how to secure customer information from a work at home computer. In the end it was not that complicated and I feel a lot better knowing my clients are protected.

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Time Management Tips for Work at Home Moms

Sharing some time management tips for busy work at home moms. Photo credit: ppdigital from

Are you are trying your best to work from home and handle the house and the kids but feeling overwhelmed most of the time? I’ve got some time management tips for work at home moms from an experienced busy work at home mother of three and freelance writer, Kellie Lambert McGuire.

In my mind I can see the housework and laundry piling up around you and I can hear the baby crying and the kids fighting and the phone ringing and your clients or your boss texting to say they need the project you are working on completed by 6pm.

Is that a little bit of what goes on in your busy work at home life? Try these tips…

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Optimizing Social NetWorking For Work at Home Moms

Social networking is a wonderful tool for work at home moms. Marketing a talent or business can start as simply as a few pictures of a craft or cooking project posted on a Facebook. Of course it takes a little more effort to really optimize Facebook advertising but in the article below Porchea Wesley’s successful clothing/accessory business has reported a lot of growth from her own social networking efforts.

Are you using social networking to get more customers? Photo credit: wcizmowski from

Optimizing Social Networking…

“I wanted something new and unique, but I didn’t have the money to buy any Manolo (Blahnik) or Christian Louboutin shoes,” she said. “I decided I would make some shoes inspired by a pair of (Christian Louboutins) I saw on the Internet,” she said. “But I didn’t have the money.”

Christian Louboutins are known for their signature red-lacquered soles and prices that easily top $1,000 a pair.

A few days later, after she posted photos of the three items, people started asking her to make similar items for them.

The requests came as a surprise, and an opportunity.”

Would you like to Read the Full Article? 

For Work At Home Moms

Most young mothers are already using social networking on a regular basis. If you have a skill or a product that you believe others will want to like and share, all it takes is some facebook research to begin optimizing social networking to build up your sales.

Have you done any marketing on Facebook? Please leave a reply, we would love to hear your comments and questions.



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Work From Home Jobs in Tennessee Are on The Rise

Technology is providing more work from home options than ever before. Photo credit: fffleisch from

Research shows that work from home jobs are on the rise in Tennessee and other areas of the country. Large companies are saving a lot of money by hiring at home workers and most employees are enjoying the (lack of) commute.



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The Truth About Working From Home

The truth about working from home is that is isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In this eye opening article I found on Runners, Jen who is one very busy new mom shares her truth about working from home. Although there are many benefits, it’s definitely not as easy as some people make it out to be.

Unfortunately, the glorious feeling of getting a lot of work done while you tend to your house and kids is more myth than reality and it takes determination and at least one pair of extra hands to get anything done at all.

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Retirement Planning For Stay At Home Parents

Don’t ignore retirement planning for stay at home parents. Photo credit: manuere from

One of the last things people think about when deciding whether to become a stay at home parent is how it will effect their retirement. After all, retirement is so far off in the future and there are so many financial demands to deal with right now. Don’t miss this important response to a readers question from Suze Orman about retirement planning for stay at home parents.

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Women Who Work From Home Have Adaptable Business Skills

Women who work from home have a lot of adaptable business skills

I’ve found that women who work from home often possess many skills that are useful in business. Being able to transition from one problem to another, staying calm under pressure. Project management and people skills are also highly developed when you have children and work from home.

Women Who Work From Home Possess Many Business Skills

“Work-at-home moms are the best. As moms, they care for us through their tender nurturing and care. They provide us with physical and emotional comfort, and make us feel special in ways that no one else could. They brag about us incessantly when others won’t. They remind us that we are unique and that there is no one in the world that is more worthy and deserving than we are. They praise us affectionately when we shine, and soothe us when we crash and burn.

As workers, they possess a commercial acumen that rivals that of the most celebrated male business titan. They schedule and plan for important meetings; appointments; and social engagements, and arrive at each one without fail. They’re natural organizers; coordinators; and assessors, and manage to keep everything afloat. Yet, they are the most under appreciated, underpaid, and overlooked group of people occupying the globe.”


Anthony Thompson is the senior editor-in-chief of Joyful Self-Manager. He has devoted 20 years of his life to the study of self-management and personal development, and has made it his personal mission to improve the quality of life by helping others reach their highest potential through personal development.

Read the Full Article Here…

I would also add communication and creativity to the list of adaptable business skills that women who work from home possess. You may think that being home with little ones all day would leave a person with limited communication skills but I believe it’s just the opposite. Many moms crave communication with adults on a intellectual and business level and will thrive if given the opportunity.

What are some of your adaptable business skills? Would you make a good CEO?

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Stranger Than Fiction? Stay at Home Mom Publishes Her Own Books

What could be stranger than fiction? A stay at home mom publishing her own book. Photo credit: abundantc from

What could be stranger than fiction? The true story of a stay at home mom who publishes her own books. The world of publishing is today is open to anyone with internet access and a story to tell. The options are unlimited when it comes to original content.

Writing has always been a great outlet but in the past, in order to get published you had to have contacts or contracts. Without one of those two things you were not getting published. All that has changed.

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How Does Your Boss Keep Tabs on You at Home?

How does your boss keep tabs on you when you work from home?

In the office your boss can monitor your every move without much effort but how does your boss keep tabs on you if you work from home? It can be difficult for some workers to stay focused at home because there are so many distractions. When there are no bosses physically watching, it’s easy to let other things disturb your work. But you should know that your boss can still keep tabs on you even if you are working from home.

In this article found on the Atlantic Wire you’ll read about some of the new technology that an employer who has remote employees can keep track of their internet habits and such. A few of the comments after the article were rather interesting too.

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