Stay at Home Dads Make Tough Choices Too

Stay at home dads make tough choices too.

It isn’t just moms who have to make decisions about child care. Stay at home dads make tough choices too. As gender roles continue to fade into the past, fathers are stepping up and making the choice to stay home with the kids or stay with their day jobs. For some fathers the decision remains tied to how much money each spouse can provide, for others it’s more about  being more hands on with their children.

This article in the Boston Herald shares the experience of one stay at home dad who wouldn’t have it any other way. Go Dad!

Stay at Home Dads Make Tough Choices Too

On this Father’s Day, Keith Miller is part of a rare, but growing phenomenon. He left a lucrative career to become a stay-at-home dad — by choice. It’s a choice that’s enabled his physician wife, Anna, to pursue her career without working-mother guilt. And their two daughters “get to hang out all the time” with dad, as Elena, 10, put it yesterday at their Concord home. “And to play sports and stuff,” said Naomi, 7, even if their early-rising mom is too tired.

“I have no interest in the perfect home or being a house husband. I’m interested in being a dad, and at no time have I felt like I am wasting myself at home,” said Miller, 44, formerly a tech consultant who often traveled from Monday to Friday. “I see that they benefit from having me here.”

Right now, their numbers are tiny — just 3.4 percent of all stay-at-home parents last year. But that’s up from 1.6 percent a decade ago. Perhaps most significantly, 53 percent of nearly 1,000 fathers surveyed last year by the center said they’d feel comfortable at home full time, “and that’s a real change in attitude,” said study author Brad Harrington.

So is this: These fathers aren’t particularly uncomfortable answering the “what do you do?” question. Their wives aren’t turned off (“most said they love having husbands at home,” Harrington said). Some mothers are bothered when baby falls and toddles first to dad, not her. But having husbands at home also means they can accept promotions and added work responsibilities without worrying about even more separation from their kids. Read the Full Article Here…

Gender roles have been changing by leaps and bounds over the past 20-30 years but for stay at home fathers there really seems to be a deep divide when it comes to other peoples opinions. Some think it’s a wonderful idea and others think it’s the fathers job to earn the paycheck. The bottom line is, who cares what anyone else thinks! If having dad stay home and care for the kids is the right decision for your family then go for it.

How many of you are stay at home dads or wish that you were?

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