Enough of the Stay at Home Mommy Wars!

Enough of the stay at home mommy wars! I just get so burned up when I hear this stuff come out of other women’s mouths. Other moms who should know better! Staying home to raise a family is a full time job and the pro’s and con’s add up on both sides of this issue. I hope they see how judgemental they are when they sit down to watch the whole thing.

Enough of the Stay at Home Mommy Wars

Some mothers who work outside the home, including a few guests on our “Are Stay-at-Home-Moms Lazy?” show — have long held the belief that stay-at-home moms are lazy, a stereotype that full-time mothers have been battling for years. In a day and age when career-centric women and moms have become more mainstream than ever before, a hostile rift seems to deepen between moms who have jobs outside of taking care of their children, and those who don’t.

“I truly believe that… being at home and taking care of the kids is a major responsibility, but I think that’s it,” says Nivia, a mom who works outside the home. “And I think it’s a little lazy to say that, ‘Oh, you know, I get up and I just want to take care of the kids.’

Other moms on the show claim that being a stay-at-home mom is “an excuse to be lazy,” which our panel of stay-at-home moms is quick to negate.Hear the thoughts of some working moms from our “Are Stay-at-Home-Moms Lazy?” show in the video below…

As a mom who has stayed home with little ones, worked outside the home and run a home business I can honestly say I work harder at home than at any other job. So I say enough of the stay at home mommy wars and we need to offer

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