Someone Tell the Media that The Mommy Wars are Over

Someone tell the media that the mommy wars are over.









Someone needs to tell the media that the mommy wars are over. If anyone believes that the mommy wars exist it’s because of the fact that the media harps on it all the time, every chance they get in fact. First slamming stay at home moms as lazy and then dumping guilt on working mothers.

Someone Tell the Media that The Mommy Wars are Over

Stay-at-home mothers are tired of being condescended to. Yeah, we know our job is allegedly worth more than $100,000

per year, but until someone starts paying us that much, there are always going to be people who think we’re not contributing anything to society and should just shut the heck up.

I’ve been writing newspaper opinion essays for half my life, and I’ve addressed this topic too many times, usually after someone says something stupid about it.

Like what Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said about Ann Romney.

I’ll give her the benefit of what little doubt I can muster and agree that she was probably talking about how Mrs. Romney was too rich to understand what it’s like for the average person to work for a living. But Rosen — who came off pretty snarky in that interview — had to know that the Romneys had five kids.

Since Rosen wasn’t part of their household during these boys’ upbringing, she has no idea exactly how involved their mom was in their lives. Rosen doesn’t know who was in the stands at their ballgames or who helped with homework or who took those kids to the emergency room when they got hurt.

Read more of this article at VC Star…

When you really listen to what the moms have to say on the subject, in general you’ll find nothing but respect for all kinds of mothers who work in all kinds of ways. No one answer is right for everyone. Some mothers will need to work either at home or out and some will not. What is concerning to me are the moms who don’t have the opportunity to make the choice because of financial pressures or gender inequality. For me, there is something very wrong with that.

Someone tell the media the mommy wars are over and remind them to focus on why so many women are not afforded the same opportunities to choose to either work or stay at home raising a family.

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