Stay at Home Moms and the Political Mommy Wars

Stay at home moms and the political mommy wars

Stay at home moms and the political mommy wars are heating up as the presidential campaigning rages on. Both parties realize that they need to address the female vote and the women who are raising the next generation, in order to win.

Most of the moms I know get very little respect or appreciation for the job they do, and they don’t even receive adequate financial benefits from being full time mothers. Robin Marty points out in this article that unless society and politicians place more value on the role of mothers, they will continue to struggle financially.

Stay at Home Moms and the Political Mommy Wars

The big question isn’t who is working harder, and where that work is happening, but whether these are choices we get to make on our own.  For many who work who would rather be at home, that isn’t a possibility because day to day expenses, especially housing and medical, are simply too expensive to be able to afford without her income.  For others, who would rather be at work than at home, that simply isn’t a choice because the costs of childcare are too prohibitive.

And that’s where we get to the real crux in the “mommy war.” When a mother stays at home and cares for the children, it has no financial gain, whereas when a mother goes to work and has to pay another to care for her child, it’s then considered a large expense.  Our current system says it values the work of the person raising the child above all else, but we believe there should be no monetary value to it when the mother is the one doing it.

Republicans can come out of the woodwork saying that Democrats don’t understand that “raising children is work.”  But they can’t truly say they value the work of raising and caring for children when they continue to push policies that undermine any monetary value to that work.

Unless women and their children can have affordable health care that isn’t dependent on employment — either theirs or their spouse’s — they don’t really believe mothers exclusively raising children are working.

Unless women can receive a check each week that is equivalent to the amount that they would have to pay a daycare provider to provide the same services — and at extended hours — they don’t really believe mothers are working.

Unless they are willing to give them social security benefits on their own versus through their spouses — or a pension, or even just funds that they can invest for their own retirement down the road — they don’t really believe mothers are working.

And unless they offer real child tax credits that actually come close to what the feeding, clothing and medical bills of a child are for a year — and that doesn’t max out if it’s more than your taxable income — they don’t really believe mothers are working.

Dear GOP, I’m glad to hear that you are the party that really understands that moms are working when they raise their children.  I’m anxious to hear exactly how much you have decided to pay us for that work. original article here…

This is particularly touchy subject for me since I was a stay at home mom for almost 20 years and I know I will receive a smaller sum from Social Security and we never had enough to put savings aside for my retirement so there is no IRA. It upsets me to think that millions of women will approach retirement with little or nothing to show for their years of hard work raising their families.

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