Stay at Home Moms Get No Respect

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Stay at home moms have the hardest job in the world and they get no respect.

I can tell you from experience, stay at home moms get no respect. Society in general looks upon stay at home moms as women who just couldn’t cut it as a “working mother” so she has decided to stay home an raise the kids as a full time job. Or maybe, stay at home mom doesn’t have any marketable skills or she would be contributing financially in some way, instead of hanging around at home with the little ones.

Nicole MacIntyre writing for The shares her newbie stay at home perspective. It’s an eye opener for a lot of people.

Stay At Home Moms Get No Respect

A mom I know once asked if the common refrain of working women that they don’t have what it takes to stay at home with their children was a compliment or an insult.

I admitted that in my case it was most certainly a put down. I fancied myself far too ambitious and talented to spend my days cutting the crusts off sandwiches and playing hide and seek….

A Different Perspective

Less than three months into my gig as a mom of two, I would like to recalibrate my answer and apologize for my arrogant ignorance.

I still don’t have what it takes to be a stay-at-home mom and I mean that as the sincerest compliment. Here’s the humbling truth: being a working mom is far easier than being at home raising your kids.

Journalism is a relatively stressful occupation, too. In the past 10 years I’ve gone toe to toe with mayors, chased after criminals and written stories with literally seconds to deadline. Yet nothing has made me sweat or quiver in fear more than the prospect of spending a full day alone with a baby and toddler. And I only do it two days a week. Will is still in part-time day care because it’s good for “him.”

Our Tuesdays and Thursdays together have given me new perspective on my job. Suddenly, annoying coworkers and demanding bosses don’t seem so bad.

No matter how unpleasant they make my day, they don’t follow me to the bathroom and demand to flush. At work I get to pee alone. Even better, my colleagues also use the toilet alone and for the most part don’t pass gas while eating. I don’t have to tell them to stop picking their noses.

If I asked them to go take a nap, I imagine they would. Even my most obnoxious coworkers don’t throw themselves on the floor and scream hysterically because they can’t sit on my lap while I eat lunch. And if they did throw a fit, I wouldn’t lay awake at night wondering why I’ve failed them as a coworker.

…There are even breaks, vacation and benefits.

Pardon the cliché, but motherhood really is the hardest job in the world. So someday when I’m a boss…

My opinion that stay at home moms get no respect comes from my own experience as a woman who has done it all. I worked outside the home for a few years, stayed home with the kids for a few years and started my own home business but only after years of raising four kids and finally sending them off to school.

The best thing I ever did was to appoint myself Chief Executive Officer of a thriving business=my family. I never allowed anyone to minimize the importance of my “job”. I used to laugh when people who worked said how busy they were..”. Oh Really?” Just try and do my job for a few days…

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