Who Cares What You Wear When You’re a Stay at Home Mom?

Who cares what you wear when you’re a stay at home mom? You should care! That’s all that counts in my book. Fashion for the stay at home mom is a challenge for a lot of reasons and today I’m going to give you some tools to meet that challenge head on, but first watch this video to see what these three women had to say about the way stay at home moms usually dress.

Who Cares What You Wear When You’re a Stay at Home Mom?

It’s a real challenge to find clothes in your closet that not only fit you but work for your new mommy duties after you have a baby.
Often, when you decide to be a stay at home mother, money becomes a bit tight and a new wardrobe isn’t in your foreseeable future so, what’s a mujer to do?
There are some key ways to work with what you have and add the pieces you need to create a sense of fashion for the stay at home mom.

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Sometimes it is very tough to find the time and make the effort to look your best when you aren’t really thinking about yourself at all. That is why we see the ripped up sweat pants and stained bath robes. It’s not that you don’t want to look good it’s that you have put yourself on the bottom of your to-do list. So if that sounds like you then you have nothing to lose by stepping up your fashion game a little bit. The girl in the video whose comment was “when you look good, you feel good was absolutely right!

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