Women Want to Know More About Ann Romney

Women want to know more about Ann Romney since her speech the other night at the RNC. Photo credit: earl53 from morguefile.com

Last week, the RNC went a long way to shine a new light on the presidential candidate Mitt Romney, but since her warm and intelligent speech the other night, women really want to know more about Ann Romney. 

Election Correspondent for CafeMom, Lindsay Ferrier reports on what some of the women’s responses were to Anne Romney’s speech at the NRC.

“Moms we talked to after Ann’s speech said she managed to humanize Mitt and give him the emotional connection with women voters thathe has so far struggled to achieve. They were also thrilled by Ann’s assertion that moms’ jobs are often, at least, a little bit harder than the jobs of their partners. That’s a fact, the moms said, that many non-moms don’t seem to believe or acknowledge.

And they particularly loved Ann’s shout-out to single moms, which was certainly a strategic move by the Romney campaign. Single moms are one of the fastest-growing voter blocs in the nation and a significant number of those moms are independent, undecided voters who could help determine the outcome of the upcoming election.”

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I think Ann has a big job ahead of her if she expects struggling women to believe that she actually knows anything about what they are going through. Many of their comments were not so favorable. Many women want to know more about Ann Romney and her presidential candidate husband because if they want to be informed when it comes time to drop a ballot. It’s almost as if they would like to connect with her but she’s just a little too out of touch.

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