Can Husband And Wife Get Along As Co-workers?

Could you, would you work with your spouse? ᅠIt’s something to think about if you’re going into a home business with your spouse. ᅠYou’ll see each other pratically all day, during work and after. ᅠIt seems to work for about 1.2 million husband and wife small businesses around the country. ᅠHere is a perspective from a couple who have made it work and how they do it. ᅠ

Establish set roles and responsibilities at work, so you know who is in charge of what. Play to your strengths. Note: This is part of a weekly Saturday series on jobs and the local economy. When Bill and Connie Nieman of Wisconsin Rapids started their

Could that work for you? ᅠWould you know how to work with your spouse aside from living with your spouse?

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