Jobseekers And The Seemingly Endless Search

With all the bad news about the economy, a New Jersey newspaper tracked numerous people over a period of time who lost their jobs and are currently looking for one. ᅠIt’s not very encouraging although the second half tries to bring a “light at the end of the tunnel” approach to it. ᅠMost who do find a job, make less than their former pay, in some cases less than half. ᅠ
ᅠᅠ And, it’s not just Jersey. ᅠIt’s indicative of what’s happening across the whole country. ᅠIt underscores the option, or perhaps even need, to go into business for yourself and take control of your financial future. ᅠBecoming an entrepreneur may scare some people, but the outlook in the economy, if you depend on someone else to hire you, is somewhat scarier.

The company and Wilson are setting up an appointment to explore opportunities. Mary and Mauro Costa of Pine Hill have both been out of work for nearly two years. They are feeling the stress of looking for work, paying the bills and maintaining a secure

Have you ever consindered a home based business, or any business?

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