More Companies Allowing Employees To Work From Home

With the ever changing economy and work place, more and more companies are turning to work from home environments for their employees. ᅠThe internet video company Skype did a survey of hundreds of companies and professionals and found the attitudes of these companies changing, that is, more lenient of the employees working from home. ᅠIn fact many already allow a portion of their employees to work remotely.ᅠᅠ Skype would benefit from such a work from home environment as they would handle much of the videoconferencing and other internet technologies such as Instant Messaging, screen sharing and internet phone calls that are needed in a telecommuting setup.

I would save a ton in gas working from home every day. I work at home as a Filipino article writer/ VA. It gives us the autonomy to working at our own pace as well as enjoy the company of my children. I’ve been working from home for well over a year

See the graphs and statistics of the survey and see where you fit in for job satisfaction. ᅠIs working from home a big criterion for your job?

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