One Unusual Way To Handle Stress

Stress is such a part of life these days. ᅠWith so much going on with the downsized economy,job worries and price increases, who doesn’t have stress? ᅠStudy after study shows what stress can do to the body, and paralyze the mind from thinking of creative solutions. ᅠWell, one woman found a way to manager her stress and even appreciate it. ᅠAppreciate it,you say? ᅠRead how she puts it in perspective.

“About the last hour of the day I have three kids here while I’m trying to work,” said Slinkard. “I’ve learned sometimes I just have to tell them ‘Mom has to work now.” While the company has an office in Cape, Slinkard has chosen to work from home

So take time for yourself and reflect on your positive assets. ᅠHow do you cope with stress?

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