So What Is A WAHM Anyway?

What is a WAHM? ᅠThis woman discusses what it’s like to be a Work at Home Mom (WAHM). ᅠThere are pros and cons and according to her, the pros outweight the cons. ᅠIt’s nice to be able to just go and run some errands when the stores are practically empty. ᅠBut that also means that your kids might want to come a play with you in the middle of the day, in which case, you might find yourself at the computer later at night. With all the conveniences of home, you may miss the social interaction of an office. ᅠBut then there’s Facebook to compensate for a certain amount of socializing.

Kimmie’s finding the bird she saw in the backyard in our bird book, while I work on this column. I’ma WAHM. That’s Work At Home Mom, for those who aren’t down with “internet speak.” We virtually social people are so cute with our acronyms.

Are you a WHAM? ᅠThinking about becoming a WHAM? ᅠWondering what a WHAM is?

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