Work at Home Moms Built a Business Finding Jobs For Others

Three work at home moms built a business finding jobs for others by developing a career fair to meet the needs of those who are in need of real work at home jobs. In the article below by Monica Weymouth she features the story of Job Prosper, a career fair that matches work at home jobs with qualified candidates. I think it’s awesome that three work at home moms built a business finding jobs for others.

It isn't easy to find quality work at home jobs

“Now a recurring expo that attracts thousands of attendees as well as an online resource site, JobProsper offers something that’s hard to come by in the work-from-home market: Fully screened employers gathered under a single roof.”

“We research every company that we bring in to the fair. We go through the Better Business Bureau first, and we don’t let anyone in that has less than a B rating,” says Frieson.”

“While many JobProsper attendees are parents with young children or retirees still interested in part-time work, Frieson points out that as working remotely has been made easier thanks to the Web, a wider range of applicants and companies are interested in less rigid employment.”

Are you a two hour commuter who would rather work from home?

Do your research

“Work-from-home listings are full of scams, most of which are easy to spot if you know the industry. On Frieson’s red-flag list: Companies that require money to get started, those that have no telephone number or physical address listed and positions that don’t require an interview. Ultimately, she says, “You have to really understand what you’re getting paid to do and how you’re getting paid to do it.”

It is always important to understand that the best way to create a successful business, is to meet a demand, and in the age of social media and entrepreneurship, it is possible to meet that demand at home. These work at home mom’s built a business finding jobs for others and meeting a growing demand for quality jobs and qualified at home workers.

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