Stay at Home Dad Tells the True Story of Diapers and Dishes

I enjoyed this article by former football player Chris Teti, a stay at home dad tells the true story of diapers and dishes with humor and sincerity. There are more dads finding themselves in the same position as Chris and they each have a story to tell, just like work at home moms they have common struggles and experiences and it is really wonderful to have a stay at home dad tell the true story of diapers and dishes.

Diapers and dishes become part of a stay at home dads life

“Estimates today place the number of stay at home dads in the United States at nearly two million—a number that has quadrupled since 1986 and is now the fastest growing family type…. Another interesting fact by the U.S. Census report on Childcare Arrangements states that 25% of the 11.3 Million U.S. children under 5 years old, are being cared for by a stay at home dad while mom is at work.”

“There is more than one type of a stay at home dad, according to a study by Dr. Robert Frank, author of Equal Balanced Parenting and The Involved Father.  Dr. Frank states, “The families choose this arrangement not out of necessity, but of practicality: the husband’s personality may be a better fit for raising kids full-time or he can interrupt his career more easily or work out of the home. In most cases, the wife’s career provides greater benefits and career potential than the husband’s.”

Chris Teti and his wife had a plan…

“My fiancé and I had just moved into a nice two-bedroom apartment. We had been planning and saving for our up-coming wedding.  We had begun preparing for our family and our future. That plan was considerably changed when I was downsized.  My last employer had been struggling in this economy, cuts were inevitable, and unfortunately I happened to be one of them.  I received my walking papers along with six other colleagues.”

stay at home dad Chris Teti working at Super Bowl XXXVII

“At first I began the rat race of looking for another job.  My background was in sports.  I worked in Sales and Marketing.  I had a few stints in the NFL and then on to other opportunities.  After several months of sending out resumes with very little interviews and no offers, I took some time to reflect and really think about my next move because it would have to be a calculated one.  I was starting the next chapter of life, which meant being a family man, not a stay at home dad.  I decided that while I look for another job, I’ll finish a project I had started years earlier.”

Role Reversal

“Make no mistake about it, becoming a stay at home dad has been a tough pill to swallow.  Working moms, tends to blend both the “breadwinner” role with more traditional mothering activities such as helping with dinner, bathing the children, and putting them to bed. Fathers do most of the same household activities as stay-at-home moms, but still assume traditional responsibility for maintenance tasks such as yard work and fixing appliances. (”

“For my wife, aka Mrs. Breadwinner, the hardest part of returning to work was leaving her family at home every day.  At first I felt my wife had a decent amount of resentment towards me.  I get to stay at home with our baby and she has to hear over the phone about all the fun, exciting things that happened during that day.”

stay at home dad feedingStay at home dad Chris Teti feeds “The Boss”

“As a stay at home dad, grateful that my wife supported my passion for writing, I approached everything from then on through a different mindset. I would video or take photos of us during the day, which I could either email to her at work or surprise her with when she got home.”

The times are changing and I love the idea of a dad who can step up and take on this awesome responsibility. Raising kids is much harder than anyone likes to imagine until they actually have to do it, but the rewards are priceless. As this stay at home dad tells the true story of diapers and dishes. 

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