Tips for Work-at-Home Dads:Search for Support Groups

According to this article on work at home dads the number of couples deciding to have dad stay at home with the kids is rising steadily. The recession of the past few years has caused a lot of families to re-evaluate their financial picture and forced them to make some tough decisions. Sometimes it makes more sense for mom to continue working outside the home, perhaps her job is more secure or offers family health benefits or other benefits that dads job does not.

More fathers are working from home

“Our NK Parents’ Council found this topic very interesting because many of them knew a family where the father stays home with the kids while the mom does the corporate thing and it’s working out better than most had expected.”

“You might remember the comedy starring Michael Keaton and Terry Garr called “Mr. Mom” which was a popular hit movie in 1983. Back then, the concept of a stay-at-home dad was quite novel, but today that’s not the case. In 2010 it was reported that over 158,000 fathers residing in the United States were staying at home with their kids for countless reasons.”

“For an increasing number of families, it makes sense, given that the recession has hit male-dominated fields the hardest, women wield more economic power than ever and child-care costs are rising faster than inflation, according to a report by the Center for American Progress from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law.”

“Those who knew a family with a Mr. Mom said that, overall, it has been a very positive experience for everyone involved, especially the kids.”

“My brother’s best friend lost his job as an accountant at a large bank in New York about three years ago. His wife, a financial planner on Wall Street, was making nearly twice what he was at the time, so they decided it was crazy for them to continue paying the high cost of day care for their three kids. They gave it a trial run for three months, but after the first few weeks, they all loved how it was working out,” shared Jean Mumford of Saunderstown.”

“So what makes this type of arrangement a success or a flop?  Here’s some interesting information that we found regarding the topic….”

No matter what the reason, work at home dads need the same kind of support system that work at home moms need. In the past it has been difficult to find other guys out there who are doing the “mister mom” thing, now it’s as easy as a few clicks on the internet and keep in mind more womens groups are accepting dads as well and offer a wider range of options.

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