Get Your Employer to Approve Working From Home

You’ll need a designated office space if you want to get your employer to approve working from home. Photo credit: maena from

If you really want to try telecommuting, the first detail you will need to figure out is the best way to get your employer to approve working from home. The most important thing is to be able to prove that the changes will be beneficial for the company as well as the employees.

This article by Bill Repp suggests that if you present a win-win detailed proposal, the boss will have a hard time saying no.

Get Your Employer to Approve Working From Home

“Q: I have a good job as an electrical engineer with a good company, and want to continue my career after having my baby, by working at least three days a week at home. I know I can do this. How do I approach my company? — Melissa T.A: Flextime is becoming more and more common, especially with the jump in gas prices. But your success depends on several factors: your company’s willingness to allow it, your ability to do the job while at home, and your ability to work in a disciplined way.

Start by asking your boss if he or she is comfortable with your working a flexible schedule. If the answer is no, don’t pursue it any further. If the company will consider a proposal, then it’s up to you to convince your boss that this won’t be a problem. If fact, with some careful analysis, you might even be able to present it as an opportunity.

Research by Catalyst (, a New York research firm that deals with issues facing women executives, finds that getting a company to agree to an alternative schedule is the easy part. Getting the schedule to work is far harder, requiring that the flex-worker become a proactive planner.”

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If you do get your employer to approve working from home, you’ll need to be very organized to successfully manage the transition. If you are a new mother who is still adjusting to a new schedule or lack of one, you may want to put off telecommuting until your life stabilizes a bit more.

Organization and flexibility are the keys to being a successful work at home mother. Along with enough confidence to pull it off. “Proactive planning” means anticipating things that may make your job more difficult to do from home and coming up with solutions before they become a big deal.


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