Kentucky Teleworks Focuses on Telecommuting Jobs

Employment agency focuses on telecommuting jobs in Kentucky. Photo credit: mconnors from

It is a well known fact that the work-from-home industry is riddled with job scams that lurk on the internet. It’s difficult for job seekers who want to work from home to wade through the good with the bad. To help those searching for work at home jobs employment agency, Kentucky Teleworks focuses on telecommuting jobs. 

Job Agency Focuses on Telecommuting Opportunities

Kentucky Teleworks diversifies the local economies of Kentucky by bringing in high-demand, high-growth telework jobs while recruiting and preparing Kentucky workers for those jobs, making it possible for more Kentuckians to have careers while staying in their local communities, raising their families, and contributing to the state’s quality of life.

“The terms “telework,” “telecommuting,” “flexible workplace,” “remote work,” “virtual work,” and “mobile work” are all used today to refer to work done outside of a traditional office environment. In most cases, teleworkers work from home on a computer that is linked to their employer.

KT is a way for Kentuckians to find opportunities to work from home for a legitimate company. The jobs listed through the agency are researched thoroughly and are often taken from employment sites that are endorsed by agencies like the Better Business Bureau and the Telework Coalition.

Telework jobs cover a wide variety of different skillsets and schedules, just like the traditional workplace. Available jobs range from entry-level work with limited educational and skill requirements to highly skilled professional positions requiring postsecondary degrees and special certifications.

The process begins with registering with KT, which is free of charge. When you sign up you will automatically be given free access to all that Kentucky Teleworks offers. You will also be contacted by a representative of EKCEP and offered some of the free services that EKCEP provides, such as Job Clubs, career advising, resume assistance, skills testing, and training and education assistance.

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Because it is so tough to find good telecommuting jobs on the internet and the market place is so riddled with scams, I believe more people will be seeking out agencies that focus on matching up work at home employees with the right projects and employers for them.

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