Work At Home Employees Are Happier

A new study confirms what I already suspected; work at home employees are happier and more productive than office based employees. In fact, in this article by Justin Higginbottom there was a study performed to find out if work at home moms were happier while working from home.

Work at Home Employees are Happier

Stephanie Giovanetti, the mother of a 12-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, lives in Boston, works for a non-profit in D.C., and doesn’t feel like she has to choose between her job and her family.

“I feel privileged to have the job that I do and I can be the mom I want to be,” Giovanetti said.

Giovanetti, 39, has worked remotely for the last 10 years — her daughter has always known a home-working mom. After the kids are in school the house is quiet, and with her instant message screen open she feels connected to her co-workers who are more than 400 miles away.

Giovanetti is part of a growing trend of workers performing their jobs remotely — in cafes or on dining room tables at home.

I am glad to see there are more studies being done on this topic. One thing I know for sure is that a lot of employers and employees are looking at the work from home option in a new  way.

But recently a group of Stanford economists completed an experiment for China’s largest travel agency, Ctrip, to see if call-center employees could be as productive at home. Employers at Ctrip wondered if remote employees might be the answer to high-rent Shanghai office space.

The experiment is the first of its kind, according to the economists, who published a paper titled “Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Corporate Experiment.”

The results for those who worked at home were outstanding, showing their productivity increased by 12 percent. About two-thirds of that productivity gain came from working more, as they took fewer sick days and missed less work due to commuting. Another third of the gain came from a quieter working environment, according to the authors.

Not only were they more productive, home workers were happier, and the number of workers who left the company during this time fell by 50 percent compared to those who selected to stay in the office.

At the end of the experiment, Ctrip decided to offer the option to work from home to the entire firm. Why more people do not work from home is still a question. The fact that a company sought research about remote work might reflect industry’s uncertainty on expanding the practice.

Companies should do more research on remote working. It saves employees gas money. In addition, not driving one’s car as much as they used to may result in fewer car repairs. The author of the article mentioned that employees took fewer sick days as a result of working from home. When working in the office, employees get stressed out and it leads to all kinds of problems. The results are in and there is more evidence that ever before that Work at home employees are happier.

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