Work at Home Jobs with Higher Pay

There are some high paying jobs for those who want to work from home.

Work at home jobs with higher pay are not easy to get but they are out there. Now you can find out what those jobs are and whether you can be one of the many privileged work from home employees. Jen Hubley Luckwald for gathered some of the top work at home jobs with higher pay.

Work at Home Jobs with Higher Pay

Here are six high-paying jobs that can be done from home:

Median Annual Telecommuter Salary: $96,000

Working mainly for insurance companies, actuaries analyze statistical data to determine risk and liability. Because they work primarily with data, actuaries can sometimes arrange to work from home.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Median Annual Telecommuter Salary: $79,200

Business intelligence analysts translate complex data into actionable information for their companies — information that could help organizations decide whether to court (or drop) a specific kind of customer or give them the data they need to streamline their internal operations. Since this is another job that deals with numbers, it can be done from home, although you might need to put in some occasional face time at the office.

Leigh Fonseca, principal of Fonseca Data Science, a San Francisco-based data science and visualization consulting company, confirms that business intelligence analysts who want to work at home should still be prepared to make an occasional off-site visit.

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Virtual assistants are in high demand right now and can also earn a great deal of money depending on who their clients are. If you have the qualifications and experience to get the job done, then definitely seek out those work at home jobs with higher pay.


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