A Big Adjustment For Work At Home Moms and Dads

In the age old debate about weather it is better for your kids to work at home or work in an office, this article has a good insight into the dynamics of what it takes to have less stressful surrounding.  Working from home sounds like a great idea, and it is for many people, but for others, it creates a lot of stress for both parents and children.

 “I think I was in denial about how difficult it would be,” says Olsher-Ng, who has an 11-month old daughter. “People tried to tell me, and I just thought they were being mean. (My daughter) has radar. It’s like, ‘You can’t use a spoon, but you know to wake up from a nap just when I’m getting into a (work) groove.'”

So one must be ready and be aware of the down side as well as the benefits to working from home.  Here are some helpful tips about how to balance out the work-home situation and have a happier work environment when work is at home.

“The luxury of making your own hours and being able to see your child throughout the day is a big plus,” says Dr. Francine Lederer, aSouthern Californiapsychologist and life transitions specialist who deals with family issues. “However, if your job is highly stressful and has a lot of deadlines, parenting a child who doesn’t want to take a nap can’t possibly be fun for parent or child. In the end, a parent’s multitasking abilities and what kind of child you have will determine the likelihood (of success).”

And this not only pertains to moms working from home.  Work at home dads experience a lot of the same issues and stress that moms do.  You’ll read the different ways that each deal with kids while trying to accomplish work in the home.

What about you?  Are you aware of all the ups and downs of working from home?  Do you know someone who is working from home with kids?  How do they manage it?

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