How Does Your Boss Keep Tabs on You at Home?

How does your boss keep tabs on you when you work from home?

In the office your boss can monitor your every move without much effort but how does your boss keep tabs on you if you work from home? It can be difficult for some workers to stay focused at home because there are so many distractions. When there are no bosses physically watching, it’s easy to let other things disturb your work. But you should know that your boss can still keep tabs on you even if you are working from home.

In this article found on the Atlantic Wire you’ll read about some of the new technology that an employer who has remote employees can keep track of their internet habits and such. A few of the comments after the article were rather interesting too.

How Does Your Boss Keep Tabs on You at Home?

For example, there are computer-monitoring programs that keep tabs on what websites employees are using “and for how long,” sending regular reports of these doings to bosses. Other managers go the more old-school route, assigning weekly objectives and timelines for tasks, maybe putting meetings on shared calendars and using project tracking systems to check up on things.

Then there are the implements this writer, and probably anyone who works online, uses as a matter of practice (they actually make the job easier, in fact): Gchat, group chatting systems, and email. More invasive than those: this Google app and this iPhone app that actually let businesses track workers who are “out in the field” or “in business situations.” Yikes.

You’d never accept this sort of privacy invasion and control from someone you were, say, married to or dating. But it’s your boss, and work is work, and, so, perhaps, people are slightly more OK putting up with such accountability measures, creepy as they seem. Per Shellenbarger, who cites reports from Gartner, Inc., it’s predicted that “use of computer security-monitoring programs will rise to 60% of employers by 2015, from fewer than 10% now.”

As for the privacy question, “The systems are used mainly to secure sensitive data and comply with government rules, but they also generate lots of personal information on employees’ online behavior,” she writes. “To avoid violating employees’ privacy, employers should tell employees they’re being monitored and track only business-related activities, attorneys say.”

Read the Full Article Here on The Atlantic Wire

My opinion is that is shouldn’t be necessary for your boss to keep tabs on you if you work from home as long as the work that is assigned gets completed on time and you provide the quality expected of you.

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