Is Working “Part Time” a Solution For You?

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Is working part time a solution for you?

Maybe you’re not ready to jump back into full time outside employment because you are still adjusting to raising a young family full time. Still, the idea of getting out of the house for a few hours and earning some extra cash is something you think you might be able to handle, part time. Is working part time a solution for you? This article points out how part time working moms and their families benefit from this decision.

Is Working “Part Time” a Solution for You?

“Researchers reviewed data from more than 1,300 mothers across the U.S. Information was collected from seven different interviews with mothers over a 10-year period beginning in 1991.

Mom’s Part-Time Perks

As expected, mothers who worked part time tended to have fewer work and family conflicts and were more involved in their child’s schooling than their full-time peers.

They also provided more learning opportunities both inside the home, such as reading books, and outside of it, such as visiting parks or museums.

In addition, part timers appeared to have a gentler touch when it came to parenting. They were shown to be more sensitive with their preschool-age children than full timers and even stay-at-home mothers.

“Work offers mothers real important opportunities and resources to minimize social isolation and enrich their social development and well-being,” says Buehler. She is a professor of human development and family studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. “It gives mothers tools, ideas, and strategies when raising a child.””

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Part time work comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes and employment is usually found locally, close to home which ensures that your travel time is minimal and you can easily make it home in a hurry, if you are needed. I also think it’s wise to think about using the added income for a specific purpose. Even though you will be tempted to pay bills with it, always take a small amount and set it aside for a vacation or some other special family project.

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