Meet the Work-at-Home Moms Who Make It Look Easy

Seven true stories from seven different work at home moms. Each one is unique, and in this full length article, you’ll  the different ways each one overcame the work and family challenges. How they successfully approached their work-at-home jobs and businesses with determination and intelligence.

You can be successful... and be there for your family

Q. How do manage family life with 3 girls under 7 and run a business?

It’s hard! Very hard!! I work all night. I have built a team that really cares and does more than their job description. I have developed a great technique of breast feeding while writing e-mails, seriously! My priority is the kids. Both my husband and I grew up with proper cooked food and we continue this tradition. This means no take out. We cook a healthy dinner every day. Healthy dinner can be prepared pretty quickly. My dad always says that there is plenty of time to rest in the next world.

Q. Any tips you can share with other working moms?

Be positive, work hard and enjoy it! There is a saying: Bite off more than you can chew, and chew it. And I don’t mean eat a lot! Most of us moms are constantly hesitating before we take on a new project because we are not sure how we will have the time. We are already over stretched. You will be amazed with how much you can do with a little “can-do” attitude.

Q. What has been most rewarding about having your own business?

The letters I get from customers saying how much they love our products and our exceptional customer service is very rewarding. I still can’t believe they are talking about the company I started. We love to amaze our customers and look for fun ways to do that. Some customers have been sent Godiva chocolates as a thank you for their business.

All of these successful work at home moms are organized and have developed routines that work for them. Morning sets the stage for the rest of the day, so if you are struggling with keeping up with everything then focus on your mornings and making the most of them. There is tons of advice and great tips in this article.

What is your favorite  “work at home” or “stay at home” advice? Leave a comment below.

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