More Scams than Jobs for Work at Home Moms

You can find work at home jobs but watch out for the scams

Working from home is a great idea for some, the frustrating thing is that there seem to be more scams than jobs for work at home moms and dads. The search for a suitable job to do at home uncovers scam after scam and there is no end in sight. This article gives some very good tips for how to spot the scams before you waste your time and money.

Do your homework. Do not send money to any organization without thoroughly checking it out. Keep in mind that most legitimate companies do not charge job applicants and that business opportunities are never risk-free (and some are, in fact, quite risky).

  • Know how to spot the work at home scam. One tricky scam technique is to set up a whole website dedicated to revealing work at home scams and then funnel people to the few “legitimate” work at home jobs, which, of course, are not legitimate. But there are so many other tricks so read on for more scams. 
  • Know the typical work at home scams. While the work-at-home scammers are always coming up with new schemes, they tend to be variations on a few themes. Some of the opportunities listed below can be legitimate work at home jobs, but often they are not—so be very careful with any of these. And some you should always avoid.
  • Direct Sales or multilevel marketing (MLM)
  • Pyramid Schemes – Always avoid!
  • Business start-up kits
  • Anything involving cashing checks/wiring money – Always avoid!
  • Home assembly/envelope stuffing – Always avoid!
  • Becoming a product re-seller or wholesaler
  • Stock trading systems – Always avoid!
  • Directories of telecommuting jobs or businesses
  • Taking online surveys
  • Mystery shoppingData entry/call centers (Some are legit but, the lure of these jobs is used to sell bogus start-up kits and other scams.)

Work at home jobs are plentiful if you know what you are looking for and if you have some kind of skills that fit well with a home- work environment. Computer work is very popular. Also copy writing can be done from home and is very lucrative if you are a decent writer. From what I’ve seen the most successful work at home moms and dads use their creativity to start their own small businesses that fulfill a niche that is either being ignored or has not been discovered. The reality is there are probably more scams than jobs for work at home moms and dads.

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