Stranger Than Fiction? Stay at Home Mom Publishes Her Own Books

What could be stranger than fiction? A stay at home mom publishing her own book. Photo credit: abundantc from

What could be stranger than fiction? The true story of a stay at home mom who publishes her own books. The world of publishing is today is open to anyone with internet access and a story to tell. The options are unlimited when it comes to original content.

Writing has always been a great outlet but in the past, in order to get published you had to have contacts or contracts. Without one of those two things you were not getting published. All that has changed.

Stranger Than Fiction?

““I was kind of going nuts as a stay-at-home mom. I needed a creative outlet,” she said. “I never had the courage to think that I could pursue fiction writing as a vocation.”

But now she appears to be headed toward doing just that, with one self-published novel and another well on its way to traditional publication.

While searching the internet for details and timelines to ensure her Potter stories accurately reflected the world that Rowling had created, Hosier stumbled across a “fan fiction” site, where a bunch of others not only shared her hobby, but were also willing to share their stories with the rest of the world.”

If you can use a computer, have a talent for words and can put a cohesive story together, you should consider reviving your dreams of writing a book. I hope you are inspired to go for your dreams like this stay at home mom who publishes her own books. 


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