The Truth About Work From Home Overload

The hard truth about work from home overload. Photo credit: anitapatterson from

It’s easy to overlook the truth about work from home overload. I know many women who believe that working from home would be awesome and that it should be relatively easy to do but that appears to be the end of “would and should”.

I think you’ll enjoy this article I read on Strawberry Mommycakes. Blogger Erin has nailed down the truth about work from home overload.

The Truth About Work From Home Overload

“So, I’ve decided that while I love being a graphic designer, I have to take a break.  I do this every year…and I always get back to work, but this time I really need it.  I’m super stressed and I keep getting sick…one time with a major kidney infection that took me down for about 3 weeks.  It’s time to take a breather.  I think people (including myself, at first) think that being a Work at Home Mom is easy…and I’m here to say Heck to the No on that myth…and a few others:”

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I recently read about a study that was done on working moms and moms who stayed home with their children. There was an indication that stay at home and work at home moms suffered from more depression and other health problems as opposed to moms who worked outside of the home. I think it’s important to acknowledge the truth about work from home overload and for women to take it seriously.

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