When Moms Decide to Work at Home

Great things can happen when mom decides to work at home.

When mom decides to work at home, there are many adjustments that will have to be made. Financially things could get a bit tight until mom finds just the right work at home job.

Just 4 Mommy published this article about what kind of jobs mommy can expect to find when she decides to work from home instead of going out into the workforce.


When Mom Decides to Work at Home

Working at home is a dream for many individuals around the world. The benefits are especially pronounced for moms who would be able to not only provide for their family with a work at home job, but they could take advantage of the flexibility offered by work at home job arrangements to take care of their children, whether that means picking their kids up from school and dropping them off at soccer practice, having them home for lunch, or spending more time with a young toddler.

While working at home is a goal for many individuals, especially moms, most people also have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for work at home jobs. Are there any real, legit work from home jobs for moms out there?

When Moms Decide to Work at Home

With the advent of the internet, earning an income is no longer tied directly to your location. Below, we’ll discuss some potential work from home opportunities that moms can take advantage of. These are real work at home jobs in the sense that they can earn a living, but most of them will not involve having an employer, but clients instead.

Be A Writer

Freelance writing is something anyone with writing skills can get into. With the internet has come a desperate need for content. You no longer have to get published in magazines or newspapers in order to call yourself a writer and earn a nice living. Websites need all types of content – freelance writers might write low quality articles designed to help websites increase their search engine rankings, or they could write highly specialized content for online magazines and web portals. Whether you make $10 an hour as a freelance writer online or $100,000 a year is all up to you, your writing ability, and your ability to hustle for business and market your skills.

There are other internet skills such as setting up blogs, social networking coordinators, internet curators and research projects that are becoming popular also.

Freelance writing offers lots of opportunities for flexibility and freedom. To get started, you can sign up for any number of writing websites and online freelancing websites. Some of the more popular ones include elance, oDesk, textbroker, iWriter, and Fiverr. You can also find clients by frequenting forums where webmasters and internet marketers congregate.

Data Entry

If you don’t have the writing ability necessary to make it as a freelance writer, or if you simply don’t like writing, there is also a high demand for data entry. However, the reality is that most data entry positions aren’t the most highly paid work from home jobs.

Envelope Stuffing

There is another class of work at home jobs that perform low level tasks such as envelope stuffing. While these kinds of work at home jobs for moms are out there, once again they’re often fairly low paying and generally unsatisfying. There is little room for advancement. However, for moms looking to make a little supplemental income and fill a little free time, some part time work at home stuffing envelopes may be just the right gig.

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Virtual Assistant

Long gone are the days where an assistant had to be tethered to his/her desk outside of the boss’ office. The internet has spawned a whole new career path, that of the virtual assistant. While some people need an assistant who is physically able to take care of various tasks and duties in the office, there is also a demand for virtual assistants who can take care of a wide variety of tasks online and in real life, without the overhead of an office.

When moms decide to work at home the whole family should communicate their concerns and offer support in any way they can. That might mean cutting back on expenses or offering to keep the kids quiet while mom searches for a new career path.

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