Why Would You Need Daycare if You’re a Work at Home Mom ?

Why would you need daycare if you're a work at home mom?

Why would you need daycare if you’re a work at home  mom? Imagine those terribly spoiled, work at home moms who still drop off the kids at daycare just so they can get some work done? It is unlikely that anyone could work efficiently from home with small children around, it is just like trying to take small children to your job and expecting to accomplish your usual tasks.

Why Would You Need Daycare If You’re a Work at Home Mom?

“I have been doing scientific research for the last ten years of my life, but I am not the person I was a decade ago or even half that, and the time has come for me to try something new. Explaining this to my boss and co-workers has been tricky. Most of them were not aware of my endeavors outside of work. I have always felt shy when it comes to telling people I like to write and the news that I was leaving to focus on writing was surprising to many.

I fielded a lot of questions last week about my career and what’s next, but the one that tripped me up the most wasn’t about blogging or making money on the internet. No, the question that I continued to contemplate long after the end of the business day was about my children.”

It wasn’t as much a question as it was a statement, an inference.

“That’s great that you’ll be working from home now. I bet you’ll be glad to be at home with your kids.”

I heard it a handful of times before the day of my big announcement was over. Each time I blushed and then corrected them.

“Um, actually, they won’t be home with me. They are going to continue going to daycare everyday as usual.”

Some of my colleagues left it at that. A couple raised their eyebrows, before nodding and smiling. Only one challenged the audacity of taking my children up the road to be cared for while I returned home to work.

Whether to keep Anders and Danica in daycare while I work from home is something my husband and I briefly discussed. We both agreed pretty quickly that I would be most productive and they would be most stimulated if they continued on at daycare. I really hadn’t questioned the decision until someone else did.

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For many parents who face the challenges of daycare and work schedules the idea of leaving your job to stay home with the kids automatically means you would be giving up daycare. Many parents ask why would you need daycare if you’re a work at home mom?

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