Women Who Work From Home Have Adaptable Business Skills

Women who work from home have a lot of adaptable business skills

I’ve found that women who work from home often possess many skills that are useful in business. Being able to transition from one problem to another, staying calm under pressure. Project management and people skills are also highly developed when you have children and work from home.

Women Who Work From Home Possess Many Business Skills

“Work-at-home moms are the best. As moms, they care for us through their tender nurturing and care. They provide us with physical and emotional comfort, and make us feel special in ways that no one else could. They brag about us incessantly when others won’t. They remind us that we are unique and that there is no one in the world that is more worthy and deserving than we are. They praise us affectionately when we shine, and soothe us when we crash and burn.

As workers, they possess a commercial acumen that rivals that of the most celebrated male business titan. They schedule and plan for important meetings; appointments; and social engagements, and arrive at each one without fail. They’re natural organizers; coordinators; and assessors, and manage to keep everything afloat. Yet, they are the most under appreciated, underpaid, and overlooked group of people occupying the globe.”


Anthony Thompson is the senior editor-in-chief of Joyful Self-Manager. He has devoted 20 years of his life to the study of self-management and personal development, and has made it his personal mission to improve the quality of life by helping others reach their highest potential through personal development.

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I would also add communication and creativity to the list of adaptable business skills that women who work from home possess. You may think that being home with little ones all day would leave a person with limited communication skills but I believe it’s just the opposite. Many moms crave communication with adults on a intellectual and business level and will thrive if given the opportunity.

What are some of your adaptable business skills? Would you make a good CEO?

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