Work at Home Job Cutting Coupons and Shopping?

This is a new twist on work at home jobs, that is if you consider collecting coupons a job. You may be skeptical but this organized mom and many others like her are actually doing a job. They spend hours searching, clipping and organizing coupons that turn into dollars in the store. They can save thousands of dollars and still be there to take care of the family.

“I was amazed that people could take these coupons and go to the store and actually get stuff for free, and sometimes even get paid for items they were taking home. “I thought I’d start by getting extra food for the family in case anything happened down the road,” Taylor said.”

“She got busy fast by ordering multiple copies of her Sunday paper, and searching online for coupons. Soon a system developed. Little coupons with big discounted prices for everyday stuff started to register as dollar signs, and tangible savings mounted as fast as she could pull, clip, surf and sort, and hit the stores, she said.”

“Every week I would clip coupons and file them into a binder under categories. The system I have is that I cut out every food coupon, and leave all the product ones in the inserts and put them in another spot,” Taylor added, while displaying her collection on her living room floor.”

She said that inserts like Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G come every week as “packets” of coupons that are inserted into newspapers. “At first, I was saving maybe 30 percent on my grocery bill. But after getting more and more into this, I started to save 70 percent and more,” she said, beaming a smile.”

If you are sitting there wondering what kind work at home job you can do that will start making money right away then think “coupons”. They are free and if you do a little bit of research you can learn a few tricks that will get you lots of free stuff. So what if it doesn’t look like “income” a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Do you think extreme “couponing” is a like a job, because of the thousands of dollars that can be saved?

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  1. Rosario says:

    i was wondering how can i start a job cutting coupons

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