Work at Home Mom Learns Financial Fundamentals

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Millions of households around the country are experiencing similar struggles with money due to an unstable economy. Hard times have fallen on so many people and it is even more important to understand what’s happening and to have a plan to survive and grow financially even through difficult times.

This article features Katie Porter a work at home mom who learns financial fundamentals in order to better manage her expanded role as CEO of her family.

Susan Monson Special to the Seattle Times writes… 

“In Katie Porter’s runner’s world, no pain means no gain. But when it comes to the Lynnwood woman’s household finances, that mantra isn’t adding up. As a work-at-home mom of a preschooler and the primary budget-and-bills handler in her marriage, Porter, 30, says she is feeling the strains of chasing a smoother family financial track — only to fall further behind. After Katie and her husband, Will, married 10 years ago, they enjoyed the freedom of spending both of their paychecks — his, from working in the U.S. Navy on the East Coast; hers, from a civilian job with the military in the same place.”

But soon the bills were outpacing Katie’s budget.

“My husband works hard for all of us — even overtime,” says Katie. “But there are times, after we budget out gas for our cars, there’s not even enough left over for me to get a haircut … so my hair waits.

“I can come up with a basic plan, but there are obviously holes because we aren’t even living paycheck to paycheck,” says Katie. “I know I need to stop the credit-card use, but it’s so hard when the money just seems to run out.”

Financial Fundamentals

Tired of bills running in circles, Katie filled out an online survey to participate in a free financial makeover with a member of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

After the couple’s first makeover meeting, chapter member Kathryn Garrison, a certified financial planner with Seattle-based Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, had some encouragement and some tips for the Porters.

“Really and truly, they’re not way over budget each month,” says Garrison.

But they are using their credit card too much, she says. To get on top of their challenges, Garrison advised the couple to “figure out exactly where all your money is going.”

She pointed Katie to — a free website that organizes and categorizes an existing budget and tracks spending through colored charts.

I think it’s a great idea for work at home moms to learn financial fundamentals. I learned most of the financial fundamentals when I was a much younger mother of four.  My husband and I decided it was financially necessary for me to stay home and raise the kids and the truth is, I really wanted to do that. Being home with my kids was so important to me but over time I  learned that unless a paycheck was involved many people did not place a high value on my stay at home mommy job. That didn’t matter to me, I only cared about giving my kids a brighter future.

Running a household requires all kinds of skills but above all I think it requires confidence. Do you have the confidence to learn the financial fundamentals and take control of your families future?

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