Work at Home Mom Needs A Virtual Assistant But it Isn’t in the Budget

Once you start getting busy with your work at home job or business you may find you are actually a little too busy to keep everything under control. You may find your self wishing you had a virtual assistant to assign a few tasks to. The article talks about some of the ways a virtual assistant could be utilized by a work at home mom. 

“I’m not sure I can afford one yet, but when I can, I will have this handy to-do list for my virtual assistant.

  • Organize my contact list – I’ve been attending events and collecting business cards for years.  I haven’t thrown any away.  I’m diligently chipping away at the pile with my business card scanner, but that takes time I don’t have.  I’d like my VA to digitize the info and organize the people into categories:  blogger, editor, site owner, brand, publicist, etc.  Maybe even also organize by geographical region.  And hair color, drink of choice, and political leaning.
  • Arrange my travel – I’m fed up with figuring out which airline, which airports, which days, what hotel, etc. will work with my schedule and give me the best deal.  I also can arrange comps for travel blogging, but all of this requires research and outreach that a sharp assistant can handle on my behalf.
  • Site promotion – my personal blog, House of Prince, needs TLC to thrive.  Because I contribute content to several places I don’t always have the time to brush it and scrub it down and make it look pretty.  Every so often I get a bug up my ass to redesign the masthead or add video or renegotiate the ad network, but I don’t have the time to deal with this.
  • Thank you notes – I have a backlog of thank you notes to write – for shame! – and I think the VA could probably at least goose me to get them done.
  • Giveaways – When I do run them, they are very time consuming.  Promoting and tracking comments is a PITA.  I like getting more traffic and I like giving stuff away, but I don’t like staying up extra late just for that.  I’d much rather stay up late because I’m at an event where there is wine and more business cards to collect.”

If you are a work at home mom who can’t afford to hire a full time virtual assistant perhaps you can get a part time babysitter to watch the kids while you tackle some of those major projects you’ve been putting off. You know you always feel better when you are organized and prepared and your efforts to accomplish tasks that have the potential to either save you money or earn you money. So how will you manage to get those big projects done?

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