Work at Home Mom Reveals 14 Reasons Why She Loves Her Job

As a work at home mom for the past five years, I definitely agree with Lisa Carey, the contributor of this fun article that appeared on There are a lot of benefits to working at home. I think that a different lifestyle that begins to unfold once you decide to work from home or manage a home business.

Work at home moms spend extra time with the kids

The thing I like about being a work at home mom is the structure of the day is more blended. I can handle a phone call while I’m folding laundry. I can push my son on the swings during lunch. I can even go lie down if I get a headache or finish my work while relaxing in the yard.

“I am available to the family. In sickness and in field day. It is so much easier caring for a sick child when you don’t have to call in sick at work. It is also a lot more fun to being able to attend those special events at your child’s school. No, I can’t do it all the time, but quite frequently I can change my schedule. I also avoid the stress of waiting for repairman and service providers with demands on my work. I simply work until the minute they arrive and work after they leave.”

“Yes, sometimes I work in my pajamas. It’s true. But trust me I also have to get up, get ready and become professional when the occasion calls for it. And, no husband wants to come home to a wife in her pj’s.”

“I set my schedule, even if that means working late at night or in the early hours of the morning.”

I do what I love, not everyone can say that about their job.

When I have an idea that could possibly make things better I can explore it. Of course, if I mess up, then I have the sole responsibility of fixing the mess too. But that’s something I love, being responsible for my mistakes, but no one else’s.

I don’t have to call in sick or beg for vacation time. In the past I have had some employers who thought that vacation time was just something that you accumulate. One did so much work travel apparently she couldn’t understand why I would want to actually use my vacation time as, well, a vacation.

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In spite of all the wonderful benefits of being a work at home mom, there are challenges too. It’s often hard to spend so much time in your home. It turns into your worst enemy, full of beckoning chores and noisy kids and one distraction after another. Work at home moms should remember to get help when they need it. and to get out of the house regularly without the kids.

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