Work at Home Moms Add Trillions of Dollars to the Economy

I was stunned to learn that work at home moms add trillions of dollars to the economy. How do they do it? The answer seems to be with sheer determination and a lot of creativity. By taking a hobby or idea or a previous job skill and figuring out how to make money with it, work at home moms are busy building businesses. Below are just a few of the success stories that Veronica Blaustein published on the Petualuma Patch of work at home moms and their growing profits.

Take a hobby like photography and a work at home mom who needs an income and wa-la you have a small business entrepreneur

“According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, businesses owned by women contribute an estimated $3 trillion a year to the economy and create 23 million jobs. Apparently the trend among women to start their own business is not only growing, it also seems to be paying off.” 

“As a stay-at-home mom of three kids with another on the way, I have recently spent a lot of time considering my interests as a writer as other interests such as pursuing a long standing dream of becoming a real estate agent. While I’m still weighing my desires against my reality, I felt compelled to talk with other Petaluma moms who have successfully managed to incorporate work and family and become mompreneurs.”

Consignment Assignment

Jennifer Hundley, Just Between Friends, North Bay 

“Jennifer Hundley, mom to 3 ½ year old Alex, always knew she wanted to own her own business. “Unfortunately/fortunately my job wasn’t available after I had my son. I knew I really wanted to do something for me but also have it be something fun and incorporated kids” says Jennifer.”

“Having almost given up on the idea of starting her own business after the economy took a downward swing, one day it hit her. Jennifer decided that there was a need in the community for a consignment event centered around babies, children, and families.  After working out a business model with her husband, Matt, she saw her idea come to fruition and Just Between Friends was born.”

“For the past two years, Jennifer and her husband have holding an event twice a year where families can consign gently used baby and kids clothing, toys and gear. Happening this weekend September 9-11 at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds, consigners make upwards to 65 percent on stuff sold if they volunteer at the event or 60 percent if they are just selling. Consigners can earn such high rates because Just Between Friends Events are entirely volunteer run leaving no overhead to pay to staff the events.”

If Taking Pictures is Your Thing…

Local mompreneur Erin Wrightsman created her photography business to fulfill her passion for photography. It also funded her ability to devote herself to that passion in the way of providing money for classes, gear and daycare for her son while away on shoots.

“My passion for photography is something I’ve always had. My dad was a professional photographer. Growing up I spent a lot of time in the dark room with my dad. After I had my son, photography became therapeutic. If I was in a bad situation with my son, I would take a photograph of it instead of losing my cool,” says Erin.”

“Erin specializes in a little bit of everything, from weddings to children, but has recently been doing some birth photography. While in a competitive industry, Wrightsman believes that it isn’t just about work for her. It’s about being creative.”

Being creative seems to be the common denominator linking these stories together. Women know they have talents and abilities and when the circumstances seem to be stacked against them they manage to take a glimmer of hope and turn it into a shining example of determination and hard work. It’s nothing short of incredible what some of these mompreneurs have done. It’s no surprise at all that work at home moms add trillions of dollars to the economy after all they are MOMS!

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