Work at Home Moms Launch Website that Matches Moms with Available Jobs

This is another great example of how incredible work at home moms are and what can be accomplished when they work as a team. Two smart, determined women join forces to fill a growing niche. The work at home mom job market is barely being tapped yet when women who want to work from home look for jobs, they find mostly scams.

“I am surprised at how many talented moms have these valuable skills to offer but aren’t using them,” said Gopsill, a 1992 graduate of Highland High School. “There is a pool of talent that is being untapped. I have a neighbor from Holland that speaks seven languages, but has six kids and doesn’t have time for a full-time job.”

“Teaming up with her neighbor in Fishers, Cami Back, Gopsill created to provide a venue where mothers (or anyone else) could post either the skills they would like to market or the tasks they are willing to hire out. Members are able to peruse job opportunities and job applicants in one location.”

“I got the idea when I was trying to market my computer skills,” said Back, a technology teacher at St. Simon the Apostle Catholic School in the Geist area. “But I wanted a much bigger solution — not just one for my problem. So I thought, ‘Why not build a site for all moms so we don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel?’”

“As Back was exploring the idea of creating a website, Gopsill was seeking out a valuable use for her time as her youngest began kindergarten. “We make a really good team,” said Gopsill, daughter of Tom and Brenda Murr, owners of Mermaid Pools. “She’s very creative and I’m organized and list-y. It’s been a whirlwind process.”

“With a soft, local launch in March to supply time to debug any issues, the women were pleasantly surprised with the amount of traffic and positive responses. Now they are busily promoting the site to generate more opportunities and are planning a national launch in September to coincide with the start of school.”

The feed back has been really great from other work at home moms who are able to make special work and payment arrangements with other mothers who share similar challenges. People have paid by bartering items and services which is very exciting because that kind of cooperation and networking will allow great things to happen.

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