Work at Home Moms Who Feel Isolated Join Local Clubs To Adjust

This article is 100% right, the work at home moms who juggle the kids, the house, and a job all at once often find themselves overwhelmed and isolated from normal adult conversation and activities. For work at home moms, it is important to maintain a part of your life that is just for you. Some suggestions include mommy and me classes or movie and book clubs who meet and go out for dinner.

“You need to spend leisure time with other adults once in a while if you want to remain happy and fulfilled (kids and clients can only offer you so much on that front).  Unfortunately, you may not have much opportunity to meet other women when you’re working from home.”

Go out with friends for lunch, enjoy girl talk and socializing.

“And if you’re like most adult females, many of your lady friends from youth have moved away or become busy with their own lives (jobs and kids, just like you).  So how can you get out and meet some other women (or even adult couples)?  All you have to do is join a club.  Here are a few that may fit your unique lifestyle.”

1. Mommy and me.  This is more like a class than a club, but if you’re staying home to raise your young child and you have a flexible work schedule, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take this opportunity to meet other moms in the same boat.  You can commiserate over mommy woes, trade secrets for feeding techniques and fending off diaper-pail odors, and even find time to meet up outside class (maybe without the kids).  It’s a great way to meet other women while helping your baby to develop properly.

2. Book club.  If you’re beginning to feel like the sum total of your daily thoughts revolves around diaper changes and drumming up business, perhaps it’s time for a little mental stimulation.  Joining a book club is a great way to get it.  You can likely find time to squeeze in at least a couple of chapters throughout the week, and taking the time to analyze your literary selection amongst a group of peers will help you to feel like there’s more to life than feeding kids and sitting at a keyboard.

3. Movie club.  You need to get out of the house once in a while or you’re going to go absolutely stir crazy.  Take Friday nights off (hire a sitter or simply have your spouse take over for a change) and head to the theater to see the latest action flick, rom-com, or tear-jerker to hit the silver screen.  Afterwards, go out for coffee and pie to discuss the merits of pyrotechnics, hair and makeup, scripted dialogue, and of course, acting.

It isn’t always easy to shift lifestyles from working outside the home to being WAHM, work at home mom. Your social network changes when you no longer join a group at the office or workplace and engage in conversation for several hours a day. Now you are just at home, with the kids and the computer. Speaking of your computer, it can be a tool for finding those clubs and activities you want to join. So get clicking and enjoy a little free time with some old and new friends.

How do you manage to keep from feeling isolated, while working from home? Share with us below.

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