Billions Could be Saved by Allowing Telecommuting

Although this article is based on Canadian statistics, it’s obvious that the same benefits could be experienced in the U.S.. Saving time and money would be such a positive way to give smaller businesses a break in this slow economy. The business world already has many thousands of work at home moms, why not expand that to others.

Four out of 10 Canadians hold jobs that could be done at home at least part of the time, and eight in 10 would work from home if they could. “Yet, only about three in 100 do,” said Kate Lister, principal researcher at the Telework Research Network,

With the advancement of technology, today it is possible to do so many jobs remotely. There can be modified schedules where one or two days a week they can work from home. Employees are happier and often more productive when they have more time at home.

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