Stay at Home Mom Makes Hot Air Balloons Her Business

A great success story of a stay-at-home mom in Florida who was determined to find something that could earn her an income and yet leave her time to take care of her family. Enter a huge, colorful, floating balloon and the rest is history as they say. She started with one and now has 4 balloons, her largest holds eight people.

“The time investment is pretty big, but I work from home, so it allows me a lot of flexibility as far as my family goes and being able to be around and be a stay-at-home mom,” said Erickson, who has taken more than 3000 people up in the air since she

I love when women find their “vehicle”.  Not the one they drive the kids around in but the vehicle they will use to make their dreams come true. This stay-at-home mom found hot air balloons and has used them as a vehicle to make a living and live her life. She works long hours when she has to do a flight, but the rest of the time she can be with her family.

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