Stay at Home Dad Says Raising Kids and Making a Home are Undervalued

Stay at home dads are a special breed

This stay-at-home dad found out that taking care of children and making a happy home is very rewarding. Unfortunately, our society does not value the job of homemaking and parenting equally against the corporate and business jobs seen as high paying and prestigious. Stay at home moms are well aware of this truth, accepting that no one is really going to appreciate how hard of a job they have.

“Bruce is quick to point out that none of this would work if Michele “wasn’t such a hard worker, so good at her job. She’s very supportive; she’s wonderful.” When both parents work for corporations, the Fischers said, it creates tension when one has to move to accept a better job.”

“We can move to where she works,” said Bruce, who’s now 41. “Believe me, if I had stayed at Microsoft, we would have had to move to Redmond,” an upscale suburb in the fast-paced Puget Sound corridor. “It’s not our cup of tea,” he said. “You work a lot more hours, and both of us would have had to commute. You spend two hours of your day in a car.”

The lifestyle the Fischers have, living in a nice two-story house, in a modest neighborhood of a smaller city where Michele can walk to work, was something they consciously chose.

Bruce said he does miss his old job sometimes, but he can stay up on video games, a passion he shares with Xander. What he doesn’t have is work that provides an instant foray into male conversation. “They don’t understand what my job is,” he said. Running a household “is still undervalued.”

For the most part, this group is a smooth-running machine with a visible happiness ratio.

Working mom Michelle says…

Michele said it seems natural “for the husband to be the head of the family this way. “I can’t relate to other working moms. I don’t have to come home and do what they have to do.” “Bruce has always been the better cook, he doesn’t mind housework, and “I can fix the car and kill the spiders,” he said.”

This family has worked out the best solution for them. As a a stay-at-home dad, Bruce infuses his job with fun and laughter, keeps everything running smoothly and even the kids admit he’s the better choice for the job, he’s more easy going than working mom, Michele.

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