Stay at Home Moms Are Not Too Lazy To Work

Stay at home moms are not too lazy to work, and I don’t think it’s fair to judge a woman because she may be successful enough to enjoy freedom of manicures and shopping and lunch with the girls, How do you know she doesn’t work at home or have a small business?

The tone of this response by Monica in the Philly came off a little haughty and judgmental, saying women can be stay at home moms but they can’t be going around enjoying themselves they need to martyr themselves and be chained to the house. Women should not be labeled this way. I’m just saying… stay at home moms are not too lazy to work. 

These stay at home moms meet at the park with the kids for a day of activity.

“If you stay at home, people will always ask you if you “work.” When stay-at-home moms say that they do work since they are raising their family, this is usually met with rolled eyes and a snarky comment. There is also the stigma of not contributing to the finances of the household.”

Yes, staying at home is very hard work and often overlooked as an important job. If you were to add up the costs involved in hiring child care, you would have to be making a bundle after taxes to be able to afford this kind of ’round-the-clock help. And that’s not counting the ’round-the-clock TLC.

“Working moms always have the guilt of not being at the school plays, book fairs and French festivals. These moms have to rely on others to tell them how their child’s day was when they get off of the bus, as well as what happened on the playground or lunchroom that day.”

“Working moms need a lot of energy when they get home since their second job is about to begin. This includes homework, baths, bedtime stories, laying out clothes for the next day, as well as listening to your child’s recounting of the day’s events. It takes an abundance of patience and energy to rev up your batteries for Round 2 after being at the office all day.”

I don’t believe the way women are so quick to judge another woman’s choices.  We are all unique, remember? So my parenting style and belief system are different than another but it doesn’t really do anyone any good to point fingers and say one is better, focus on the things that unite us.

For the thousands of stay at home moms working their hands to the bone, there are a small minority that may have a lifestyle where they have more freedom from family chores. A few lucky moms who have the freedom to plant the kids with a nanny and go out doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids. We could start by realizing that stay at home moms are not too lazy to work, and non working stay at home moms are a pretty lucky bunch.

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I’m almost afraid to ask what everyone thinks about this, but I’m willing to defend this up to a point. Excessive anything is bad so balance is always the key.

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