Studies Show Benefits For Working Mothers

Studies show there are financial, emotional and physical benefits for working mothers.                         Photo credit: MindExpansi0n from

Recent studies show benefits for working mothers may include financial, emotional and physical advantages over non-working moms. Most of us assume that stay at home moms are less stressed because they do not have to deal with commuting or the stress of working out side the home. The results of this study show just the opposite. This article appearing   in Florida Today’s health section reports on several other benefits for working moms.

Studies Show Benefits for Working Mothers

“Mothers who work full time report better mental and physical health than stay-at-home moms or women who work part time, according to a new study.  Researchers from University of Akron and Penn State University found that women who go back to work soon after having children have more energy and mobility, and less depression at age 40.”

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In spite of the research, I still believe that women who make the decision to stay home with their children can have the same happy, healthy life as one who decides to work.

I do agree that financially there are risks a woman takes. Because she is more dependent on her husband or partner to provide for her and the family during those years, and her ability to build up savings for her own retirement years is severely compromised she may find herself struggling to cover expenses.

Yes there are some studies that show there are benefits for working mothers,  however my concern is that women will hear this and decide to pass up opportunities to stay home with their children. It is such an individual decision and mothers need positive support no matter what that decision is.

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