Work-at-Home Mom; Only a Woman Can Do Two Full Time Jobs

A work-at-home mom with two kids, shares her reality of having two full time jobs. It’s not the best of both worlds all the time that most people imagine, it’s really, really hard to do and stay reasonably sane. Late hours in front of the computer finishing a job that should have taken an hour is now causing stress and exhaustion.

“People always say how I have the best of both worlds….but do I? Is being a work at home mom advantageous, or, in many ways do you lose all sense of balance

“When your ENTIRE life is based around the confines of your home, you somehow end up falling into a vicious cycle of never stopping.  I am always on the computer, checking my email, checking my voicemail.  At the same time I am often somehow juggling my 2 munchkins.  Whether it be changing diapers, cooking, or trying to have a professional conversation…”

After reading this story, I realized that what work-at-home moms have to do is really work 2 full time jobs. Parenting is one, and the work at home part is the second. As the author points out above, since neither job is ever done, you just stay on the clock until you collapse. 

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